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Release Date:
Rating: 7.0
Directed by:
Scott Derrickson
Written by:
Joe Hill, (based on the short story 'The Black Phone' by)
Based on:
Mason Thames , Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, Ethan Hawke, Max
Country: USA
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
When Scott Derrickson started working just on Doctor Mysterious sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, he and frequent partner C. Robert Cargill decided to turn Joe Hill's short tale "The Black Phone" into a feature picture. However, Cargill pledged to delay the undertaking until Derrickson, who committed with Marvel Studios, was available to serve as the project's director. Derrickson joined the team to direct The Black Phone in January 2020, shortly after leaving the sequel to Doctor Strange owing to creative issues.  Mason Thames and Madeleine McGraw, two young performers, were cast in the movie The Black Phone, which had its formal debut in October. Thames claimed that shortly after the COVID-19 outbreak started, he conducted his audition over Zoom: "We had poor Wi-Fi, and it was rather strange. It would take a few seconds for them to respond after I said a line. It became a little awkward. I eventually received a response." Early in 2021, James Ransone, Jeremy Davies, and Ethan Hawke were added to the cast. [12] Initially hesitant to take on the role of the villain because he did not want to be remembered for a particularly "scary" performance for the rest of his career, Hawke claimed he changed his mind after he realized he was approaching his fifties. He continued, "Villains might be in my future."
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The Black Phone (2022) Full Movie premieres. Are you prepared for the summer's best horror film? On June 24, The Black Phone, starring Ethan Hawke as one of the year's most depressing fictional killers and directed by Scott Derrickson, debuts in theaters all around Spain. We also have a surprise from LOS40 Madrid for followers of the genre.

'The Black Phone,' the Horror Movie of the Summer, Is Finally Streaming on Peacock

The Californian director introduces the public to a new and terrifying psychopath after The Black Phone as Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and even the first episode of Doctor Strange. Children still go missing in Denver in the 1970s, but when one criminal decides to kidnap Finney, a 13-year-old boy who is different from the others, everything will change. Oddly enough, his best friend in the fight to survive his captor's horrors will be a black phone.

The Black Phone 2 Update Shared By Director Scott Derrickson

If you can't wait to be afraid, LOS40 Madrid welcomes you to the capital's preview of the film. A unique chance to see everything Derrickson has to offer first, who promises to make viewers bounce in their chairs throughout the entire footage.

Finney, played by Mason Thames, is the killer's latest victim as he traps the 13-year-old in a soundproof basement.

Please act quickly! You have from June 17 to June 22 to participate. Only those who respond quickly will be fortunate enough to receive two invitations to the event. You can review the legal justifications here. Regarding Black Phone

Black Phone, starring the Oscar-winning Ethan Hawke, is about a ruthless killer who abducts meek, brilliant 13-year-old Finney Shaw and imprisons him in a soundproof basement where he cannot scream. However, Finney learns that he can hear the voices of the prior victims through a broken and offline phone when it begins to ring. These victims are determined to stop Finney from becoming just like them.

Ethan Hawke has shown himself to be the most adaptable in his acting career. He has played parts in comedies, dramas, and most recently, Moon Knight, where he made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as a beloved cult nemesis.

However, if there is one area that terror seems to excel at, it is. The actor has worked in films including Regression, The Purge, and the adored Sinister. Prestigious efforts in the genre film industry have enabled Hawke to establish himself as one of the leading figures in this field.

Blumhouse's 'The Black Phone' shows that horror and original storytelling have a place at the box office

With Scott Derrickson, with whom he co-wrote those mentioned above, Sinister is getting ready for The Black Phone's Spanish premiere the following week. Unfortunately, this movie conveys a distinct terrible vibe with just a few pictures.

In it, Hawke portrays a psychotic kidnapper who imprisons his adolescent victims in a dim cellar during solitary confinement. The artist sought to emphasize how the audiovisual horror parts function and why it is a superior movie to Sinister.

The Black Phone: Will it rank among Derrickson's best films?

"Making a successful horror film is similar to figuring out a math problem. The math exists. Both simplicity and complexity are required.

Books have been written about Hitchcock, the timing, and how the cuts are executed. They are all matte, too. Scott is a highly fashionable director. This script, in my opinion, is even better than Sinister because it features more mature themes. He produces quality films, "SlashFilm was informed by the actor.

Therefore, according to Hawke, the horror subgenre can be summarized in mathematics and naturally transferred into film language. The impression on the viewer increases with the quality of the cuts and the stage's overall organization.

The Black Phone can be downloaded online; follow these recommendations.

Since it is difficult to duplicate the popularity of the best genre movies, Hitchcock is essentially unachievable in general since many conditions must be met. However, all those components appear to be present in The Black Phone, proving once more that Derrickson is among the greatest in his business. On June 24, this most recent movie will have its debut.

You may not have heard of the film Black Phone, yet it is already one of the summer's most spooky releases. And this video, which we are bringing to you exclusively with the help of its creator, is a prime example. Do you wish to meet the fantastic Ethan Hawke who plays this role? Video inside!

One of the best actors of his time, Ethan Hawke, most recently appeared in Moon Knight as a very charismatic villain with a complicated psyche.

What if we now make a 180-degree turn and watch Blumhouse Productions' acclaimed horror film Black Phone? This short brief, in which Ethan Hawke introduces us to his character, is simply a tiny taster you are about to experience, I can guarantee you.

Because of a child killer, the movie "Black Phone," which premieres in theaters on June 24, makes us feel uneasy. So we spoke with Juan Enrique Soto, a psychologist. He works with the police to solve situations similar to the one shown in the film, to understand this bizarre movie better.

Is it possible to find a killer like that?

A nasty killer abducts and murders children in the movie. He is the star of a film in theaters, but might we encounter someone like him in real life? Serial offenders do exist, but they are thought to reside in distant nations with different cultures and open access to weaponry. Unfortunately, human wickedness knows no bounds or boundaries. Juan Enrique Soto, a psychologist with 25 years of expertise, claims that there are some crimes for which the adage "truth exceeds fiction" is accurate.

While seated, it is simple to believe that we will avoid the trap, but as soon as we leave the theater, we forget the fundamentals: "Don't talk to strangers, don't undertake certain routes alone."

When it comes to depicting investigations, the work of police and psychologists in film, science, and fiction is becoming less and less prevalent. Yet, it's also not ridiculous to believe these traumas can be overcome. Although the expert agrees that anxiety is best experienced alone in a movie theater, "it is true that a trauma that is managed effectively can even lead to greater strength."

Black Phone will be displayed in Spain for the first time in a commercial session next Wednesday, June 22. In addition, a single movie session will be shown concurrently at roughly 8:00 p.m. in more than 250 theaters.

They are playing several iterations of The Black Phone. These consist of music.

This initiative will enable lovers of the genre to enjoy this horror thriller in advance, thanks to the participation of significant exhibition circuits and independent exhibitors. Multicines Guadalajara must be included among the cinemas showing it.

El Captor, a psychotic assassin who kidnaps a 13-year-old boy, is featured in the movie directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange and Sinister) and stars Ethan Hawke (Boyhood). His captivity will cause him to start getting calls from former victims of his kidnapper, who are determined that his story will not finish tragically.

Frequently, everyday facts or events—like the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which resulted in the deaths of Ukrainian people at the hands of Russian soldiers, as well as the human catastrophe that specific photographs conveyed to us—become intense acts of horror. However, when applied to any artistic medium, the blending of terror and everyday life can create a horrifying tale that can produce something dramatic, engaging, and at the same time, meaningful.

With Sinister (2012), which, in my opinion, may serve as a parallel anachronistic prequel to The Black Phone due to the similarity of the vicious figure expertly portrayed by Ethan Hawke, Scott Derrickson had already given us the chills.

Finney Shaw, an introverted youngster in The Black Phone, starts to suffer a cycle of violence as many of his classmates disappear, not randomly but consistently.

In addition, the atmosphere in which he was raised did not make him feel any less fearful or uneasy: Finney and his sister had to endure their father's violent alcoholism. Being a terrified boy himself, Finney thinks that having his friends' names as the kidnapper's moniker makes him more likely to meet the same fate. He is, however, mistaken.

Where and how can you immediately and affordably get the entire iPod The Black Phone?

Based on a short novel written by Stephen King's son under the alias Joe Hill, Scott Derrickson creates a screenplay that, in his own words, reflects his memories of his upbringing as a 13-year-old at the end of the 1970s, growing up in a violent household and a dangerous area.

The Black Phone (The Black Phone) is a horror film, a family drama, and a ghost story, according to the director and screenplay.

The movie is a well-written horror thriller, but it also works as a drama about what it's like to grow up and understand that aging is a challenging process for many.

Traumatic, but also a part of daily life for people. Childhood trauma's emotions can awaken our senses for the rest of our lives. These frequently protect us from dangerous situations by igniting the purpose of survival, a quality Derrickson greatly emphasizes in this tale.

Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames (Finney), and Madeleine McGraw's innocent portrayals of children are vital components of The Black Phone, which give its tale a realistic and terrifying quality (Gwen).

The three actors pique the audience's interest in their roles to the point where they will hate Hawke's portrayal of the kidnapper and serial killer and feel sorrow for the two teenagers, who are two children who suffer from the terror of parental emotional abandonment and the cycle of violence that they must endure every day, experiences that have made them a much more potent version of themselves.

The narrative, montage, and vintage texture of this picture and the performances help to create the eerie atmosphere that is always essential to a horror movie.

A sense of perpetual tyranny, like a propensity for disaster, is felt right away. These emotions are the result of the superb script by Derrickson and the addition of musical and visual components. They completely expose the viewer to the sadness, brutality, and insecurity portrayed on the screen, rendering him defenseless.

You may even pick the format you wish to view The Black Phone, such as 3gp or MPEG 4.

That's cool, considering the author went against the viewers' best interests to tell a scary story. But, of course, the terrifying part is when you leave the movie theater at midnight after watching a horror film and imagine that what happens on the screen may happen to you.

The new horror picture, titled The Black Phone, is presently advertised on billboards and is impossible to miss because critics have already hailed it as one of the most promising supernatural-themed movies.

Jason Blum is the movie's producer, and Scott Derrickson is the director. It is also an adaptation of Joe Hill's novella of the same name and contains a script by Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill.

The author of some of the most unsettling works in the horror and science fiction genres, as well as one of the two sons of the renowned author Stephen King, writes horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction.

Joe Hill, like his father, has devoted a significant portion of his career to the horror genre, and in this particular instance, he served as inspiration for the film The Black Phone.

What's the deal with The Black Phone?

A city in Colorado, in the United States, during the 1970s is the primary setting of the story and the movie. In this instance, Finney Shaw, a quiet and clever 13-year-old boy, is abducted by a man in a mask.

After that, he imprisons him in a silent dungeon where his screams are useless. A damaged, unusable phone that starts ringing and lets Finney hear the voices of the masked man's prior victims is his only means of communication. The protagonist's chance to avert his doomed fate starts with this.

The cast of The Black Phone is another aspect that receives a great deal of attention from spectators. And it is that in this film, after his stint in the Marvel universe, where he expertly directed Doctor Strange, we finally see director Scott Derrickson return to horror films.

The prequel to Sam Raimi's most recent picture, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is Sorcerer Supreme. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) and Sinister are two other scary movies from Scott Derrickson (2012). Numerous members of the Sinister crew are constantly repeated, including C. Robert Cargill, Jason Blum, and Ethan Hawke, who plays the lead.

It also draws attention to the movie The Black Phone's topic because the protagonist is a young child, which forces viewers to keep in mind the terrifying aspects of growing up.

Something repeatedly depicted in horror films now has a different viewpoint since the protagonist is acutely aware that his prospects of escaping the kidnapping are slim because he is not the first victim of this kind of abduction.

As a result, the movie is primarily supported by tension and suspense instead of the jumps or surprise horrors that occasionally occur in this genre.

The primary actor in this movie is Ethan Hawke, whose style has evolved through time. People have already commented on how ominous their vision of him was since he plays a monster that constantly looks poised to erupt and will have awful repercussions for anybody who sees it. Surround.

He also emits a terrible and enigmatic aura whenever he wears a mask, which, combined with the endless possibility of violence, makes him a threat that will be challenging to separate from.

Where is The Black Phone to be seen?

You may now see the movie in various cinemas, including the Cinemex and Cinépolis complexes.

6 8/ 10stars
Rating: IMDb  / 7.9

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